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Founding Members of DigitalZurich2025


DigitalZurich2025 is a cross-industry association created from the shared vision of its founding members to strengthen the Greater Zurich Area’s position as a digital hub and to project those benefits across the whole of Switzerland.


No. 1 global competitive economy

Position yourself for global success


No. 1 in happiness

Live in the happiest nation in the world


No. 1 in life quality

Attract and retain top talent


No. 1 in innovation

Innovate with the best in the world


No. 1 in digital investments

Be there where digital investments happen


Central in Europe

Fly directly to 168 destinations from Zurich airport


Maximum political stability

Second most politically stable country worldwide

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Top 5 in intellectual property rights

Protect your company IP effectively

Up until a couple of decades ago, geography determined the destiny of a city. Historically, all great cities were located on waterways because cities made money by trade, and water was the only economical way to ship. Today it is no longer the water flow, but the data flow upon which cities build their economic success. A paradigm shift is underway, driven by the digitization of everything.

To truly succeed we need to actively nurture a buzzing business ecosystem that boasts a vibrant startup community, digital talent, ample education opportunities in all things digital and a fluid exchange of know-how across industries. Cities that can best accommodate and foster this type of business environment stand to gain the greatest advantage towards the future.

Members of DigitalZurich2025